.:. .:. .:. Best of November 2011 .:. .:. .:.

Okay Earth, November was a solid month for you guys this year in the music world. Here is our tribute to the heads that sat up all night in the studio with their sunglasses on, hoods up, third eyes wide open, putting out the tracks that kept me, Guy Z, and Liquid Joey head bobbin' through those warped weeks of inter-dimensional traveling this past month:

Final DJs - All I Need .:.
Final DJs - All I Need by FINAL DJs
Niki & The Dove - Mother Project (Goldroom Remix)
Roman D'Amour - Make Love Tonight (Lifelike Re-edit)
Monsiuer Adi - Fire Fire Fire (VISITOR Remix)
Electric Youth - Right Back to You (DVAS Remix)
Pyramid - Cosmos
Young Empires - Enter Through the Sun (Digitalfoxglove Remix)
T-E-E-D - Dream On
Mitch Murder - Galaxy Train 1989 (feat. eel)
A$AP Rocky - Wassup (INNER WORLDS Remix)
College - A Real Hero (Follow Me Remix)
Emeron & Fox - Dopecity (feat. BIT)

** Addition from Gek ***
MCMLXXXIII by Velvet Montoya
Ocean by Future Cruiser
ikopol fix by radwan

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