FOLLOW ME .:. Somethin' Bout You (inner worlds Remix)

Keeping it in the family for this remix - my official take on DEF.:.SEC member Follow Me's hit Somethin' Bout You 




INNER WORLDS remixes the motherfuckin RZA

spent all weekend frantically trying to get this rza remix done before what I thought was the submission deadline, turns out it was the voting deadline : ( so my only shot in this remix contest is to have the RZA personally select my remix as one of his favs - totally doable. check it out and tweet the RZA (@RZA) if you're feeling it - enjoy!

as always, all analog and circuit bent .:.:.:.


INNER WORLDS remixes UFFIE, T.E.E.D., and CROYDON .:.:.:.

Two new INNER WORLDS remixes will be dropping exclusively on earmilk.com soon! Stream them now & download on earmilk Don't forget to peep LoganAW's incredible video for the UFFIE rmx
Uffie .:. Pop the Glock (INNER WORLDS Remix) from INNER WORLDS on Vimeo.
I also put together a remix for CROYDON's Ouroboros remix ep - pick it up now with remixes from NOMS and ANTIDOTE::



Been off traveling other dimensions, sry!

John Carpenter movies on youtube?  Can't go wrong


a DEF SEC Collab .:.:.:. Emeron Kale & Guy Zalaxy remix St. Lucia

Today we have a special post - the first official DEF SEC collaboration .:.:.:. Emeron Kale of Emeron & Fox and Guy Zalaxy of Follow Me combined forces on an epic synthpop remix of St. Lucia's Closer Than This.  A perfect soundtrack for cruising around and enjoying the warm weather here in New York, Earth.  Tasty vintage analog synths throughout.  

[From Emeron & Fox's soundcloud] [From Guy Zalaxy's soundcloud]


Teen Daze

To My Fellow Heads and My Brothers here at DEF SEC, just want to say a quick apology, I don't know how I missed these dudes: Meet Teendaze, already quite well known and popular from what I've quickly gathered on your planets internet system, here with some really fresh vibes for you to bounce your head a lil to this morning. They've uploaded a new track within the last day and its one of the most evolved and intricate tunes I've heard in weeks now. These are some serious fucking heads. I actually found these dudes through this silky smooth remix dropped just hours ago by Brothetiger, so make sure to give that a listen as well. Beautiful synth music for all. Enjoy the day.

+++ a quick addition from INNER WORLDS, brought this one on many transdimensional journeys last spring ∆



Yo. Follow Me is back with this poetic remix of Goldroom's latest single 'Angeles'. Here, Float around for a while:



Just wrapped up my entry for the Monsieur Adi .:. Requiem remix contest.  It's got an epic 1:40 buildup/intro, then it transitions into intense, melt-your-face-off electronics.  Give it some love, help me win another remix contest!  As usual, all analog & circuit bent gear. 



Back with some tasty jams that I heard while kickin' it in the future.  Need some tunes for an upcoming transdimensional adventure?  I got u

What a collab... coldwave dreamteam Liz and Laszlo (Automelodi's Xavier Paradis and Xeno & Oaklander's Liz Wendlebo) just released Rien À Paris on Weird Records. A tasteful minimal synth gem - clean analogs, french vocals... what more could you want?

Seapunk has been a guilty pleasure of mine for the past few months. Ya like the soundtrack to Wave Race 64? drugs? You might dig seapunk. Artists like Daims are bringing the genre out of gimmick territory and doing some seriously interesting stuff.  Their A$$ Mix from a few weeks ago is pretty incredible as well - a blend of faded electronics and trill raps overflowing with synthetic bliss.

And if you haven't listened to Lapalux's When You're Gone EP yet, get it together. Moments is what people are gonna be bonin to 50 years from now.

+ my favorite of all the Pictureplane remixes, & I think this ones a bootleg.  Teams killed it

Enjoy, look out for a blissed-out INNER WORLDS mixtape coming soon .:.:.:.


New Follow Me & More


Sorry, we have been in the other dimension for a minute. Now that we are back, here is some new Follow Me as well as some big tunes from the past week or so. Enjoy.